Tropical Golf 21/02

Tuesday the 21st February 2017: Crystal Bay. ( Stableford) This Course has always been a bit special to me. I have played all the Major Courses many times and all the Courses here are great, but for a few years this Course was in such Prime Condition that it outshone the others. Whilst this is just my own personal view, I believe many others remember this Course when it was at it’s best.


Sadly some years ago it started to go downhill. The Fairways started to get the weed type grass, into it, and the greens started to become like a patchwork green quilt of many colours. The whole Course went downhill as did the changing rooms, and the Restaurant also showed deterioration that was indeed sad. Cold showers were not unusual.


On this day we set off and I was interested to see how the Course was playing and how the whole set up was getting on. Well it was a mixed bag. We played the C Nine first and it was not in prime condition. The Fairways were patchy and the greens were in my opinion not at all good. The greens were still a patchwork and mottled if still green. You had to pass over many colours to hit the hole. Then onto the B Nine and it was a whole different game. The fairways were  a bit bare , but then so are most Courses at present, but the greens were a totally different at least they seemed one colour and seemed fast an true. I seem to remember the B Nine was closed for some time while it was refurbished. Not a bad job.


This is a great place to go, with good rates, and some good scores, but I cannot help but remember how good this Course can be. At least when we got back to the changing room we had some hot showers and some nice white towels. With the nice polished floor, no carpet, in the Restaurant it felt good and the food was well priced and tasty. So back to home base.


Soon into the results the scores were quite good. In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was  Brian Parish with 39 points ahead of a countback on 38 points that saw John Davis in second, Landis Brooks in third and Brian Gabe just losing out. In the B Flight the winner was Carole Kubicki with 38 points ahead of Gordon Clegg in second with 37 points and George King in third with 36 points.


Best front Nine was Brian Gabe with 20 points, on countback from Don Carmody, and back nine was Richard Kubicki with 19 points.


Then it was time for going home and straight to bed. And if you believe that you will believe the Moon is made of green cheese.  T.T.F.N.


Near pin    George King  John Davis   Richard Kubicki   Carole Kubicki




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