Tropical Golf 2/1


Paul and Jim Win at Soggy Emerald

It was “Two-Two” day and a new month for the PSC Tropical Golfers, and to kick it off we returned to the interesting and slightly difficult Emerald Golf Course. Twenty five intrepid golfers made the trip, and a few were happy for the later than usual tee time, using the extra hour to sleep or get in another couple cups of brew. We haven’t played this course in a while, and for some occasional visitors it might be measured in years, so a good choice.

Some days you win, and some days you lose. With all the golf and golfers in the area its amazing things usually go smooth, but once in a while…! We arrived at a crowded course – so much so that many had to wait for caddies to finish a round or get called into work on short notice. Eventually everyone had their helper, and just as the first group was ready to hit it started to drizzle. That was to be the routine all day; drizzle, sometimes rather heavy, then a few holes of easy going, then rain again. To top it off it was a slow round with the last group finishing at dusk. Several Tropical Golfers gave up after nine holes, but most stuck it out and some were rewarded. Emerald is a difficult but well designed course, so the conditions made it extra challenging. How did the best of the best finish?

A-Flight (0-20):  Paul Weatherley (c/h 20) continued his fine form and had the best score of the day with 38 points on a difficult course in difficult conditions. Awesome Paul! Mashi Kaneta (17) was next with 36 points, followed by John Davis (14) edging out Landis Brooks (10) on count-back at 34 points.

B-Flight (21+):  Jim Ferris (27) and Gordon Clegg (25) tied on an impressive 37 points with Jim taking first on count-back. Torsten Bischoff (26) was next with 35 and Colm Mullen (26) finished his flights honor roll with 33 points.  Way to stick with it guys!

Best Nine (non winner): Tom Herrington and Gordon Maher won the best non-winning 9 hole scores.


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