Tropical Golf 21/9

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group

Friday, September 21, Pattana A/C – St

It’s Carmody for the Trifecta at Pattana!

What’s there left to say about Pattana? A first class operation all around.  With the green fee vouchers from PSC and then the free drink coupon from the course on check-in, let’s get there and get out on the lush fairways.

Assigned to play “C” then “A” this day we were off under blue skies with scattered clouds. With the course wet under foot and possible rain showers in the forecast it was lift, clean and place through the green, as seems to be the norm of late. The course was in great condition, excellent grass under the ball in the fairways and greens running at a reasonable pace and true.  With the course not crowded our groups played at a pace that suited them and, round over, all enjoyed the complimentary drink in the restaurant overlooking the course while the scorecards were sorted. With the small numbers it was direct to the presentation at the course this day.

As has now seemingly become the routine at Pattana, and for the second time this week on top of that, the top step of the podium was claimed by Don Carmody (c/h 28) with 36 points. Coming here once a month, this is Don’s third win in a row at this long and challenging course! Will have to see if he can continue his streak as the venue is already on the schedule for next month. Congratulations to Don. Joining Don on the podium were Bob Britton (13), 35 points and Graham Buckingham (23), 33 points. Well played everyone and with that it was into the cars and back to BJ’s for a couple hours of celebration or consolation.

Dony “The Winner” Carmody



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