Tropical Golf 20/3

Tuesday The 20th March 2018:  Bangpakong Riverside ( Stableford) This Course is well worth the long trip to get there, especially at the present time when it is in excellent condition and has a deal to make the day out, not break the bank.


On this day we had a good turnout to go on the trip up there. Despite this being the longest drive we have to any of out regular outings, once you get on the route 7 it is in effect motorway all the way there and once you go over the very imposing Bangpakong River you are nearly there. All who have driven to the airport will recognise the turnoff. Despite missing the turn last time, and that is something you do not want to do, it is like spaghetti junction and to get back a bit of a nightmare, it is well signed.


However the route from arriving to the first tee here is nice and slick. so we were on the first tee on time and away we went. This is a Course that wends it’s way around a lot of water, it is also a Course that seems to be getting more difficult to play. We used to get some really high scores here but of late the results have been more moderate and on this day with the fairways well grassed and the rough a little long I expected no more. Seems the rain of late has also reduced the run on the fairways and as this is a longish Course some were struggling to get reasonable distance.


The greens also were a bit slow but saying that they were still true and a pleasure to play. One thing that was noticeable was that the pins seemed to be in difficult positions, surely to be reflected in the results.  We also were not held up and managed to get around in reasonable time. This is really a Course where you can have ‘A walk in the park”.


There is a small place to eat and drink right outside the changing rooms that is ideal for a quick visit before you start the long drive back. All the golfers usually pay a visit.


Back at BJ’s after a relaxing drive back it was soon into the results.


In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Paul Weatherley with a very good 42 points ahead of Tom Herrington in second with also a fine 41 points. In third was Andre Van Dyk with 39 points and in fourth was Brian Parish with 38 points on countback over Takeshi Hakozaki.

In the B Flight, 19 up, The winner was Gordon Clegg with 38 points ahead of Carole Kubicki in second with 36 points. In third was Nigel Perry with 35 points and in fourth was Derek Brook with 34 points.

The best front nine non winner was by Takeshi Hakozaki with 20 points and the back nine winner was John Davis on countback over Richard Kubicki and Bob Britton.


We had also been running an Eclectic at Bangpakong for the last three visits and this being the third visit, after the scores were worked out, the Winner of The Eclectic was Karen Brown. Well played indeed Karen.   T.T.F.N.



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