Tropical Golf 20/2

Tuesday The 20th February 2018:  Bangpakong Riverside ( Stableford) This is a Course where the start list is always full and so it was on this day with 8 groups lining up at BJ’s to get away. Whilst it is quite a way away, it is nearly all on the motorways so it is a straight forward drive there and back and can be completed in about and hour so, not that bad.


The drive up there was uneventful but the topic of conversation was the weather forecast that said to expect rain in Bangkok for the next several days. When we go to this Course we often get rain, but out of the windows of the cat it looked a fine morning, but who knows.


We were soon away and the first thing I noticed was that the rough was quite long, but at least I was over the water at the first, then the fairways seemed to be in good condition if a little long, and the ground seemed soft, so there was not much run.


The greens seemed firm though and they putted very well and true so all in all the Course seemed in excellent condition, as long as it did not rain. So we moved on with not a care in the world, until as usual we came up to the groups in front when things slowed down.


The day continued under blue skies and we finally finished this fine Course and a cooling shower was on the order. The facilities here are excellent, and they have also put a sort of café outside so you can sit in a quiet area and not have to go to the restaurants upstairs if you wish. The food is simple but good and a drink is also reasonable. And no rain thankfully.


So soon into transport and back to BJ’s.


It was soon into the results and we had quite few countbacks.


In the A Flight, 0 to 21, the winner was Landis Brooks with 43 points ahead of Rip McLachlan with 40 points and Rob Brown in third with 39 points. We then had a four way countback on 36 points that saw Walter Baechli in fourth,  Rick Robshaw in fifth and Paul Weatherly and Brian Parish losing out.

In the B Flight, 22 up, the winner with a fine 44 points was Henry Wong ahead of Joe Sparwith in second with 41 points and Daryl Evans in third with 40 points. We then had a countback on 36 points that saw Poland Raeber in fourth and Barry Oates in fifth.


The Non Winner Front best score was won by Richard Kubicki with 19 points on countback over Brian Parish and Paul Weatherly and the back nine by Brian Gabe with 20 points. There being nothing better to do we had a bite to eat and tested the quality of the cold beer.  T.T.F.N.




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