Tropical Golf 20/12

It seems that the trip to Pattana is a Monthly trip these days, and the ‘Nines’ to be played on the day was to be the B & C Nines and started us out on the most difficult hole to tee off on. Yes the dreaded B1. With water right and left you have to hit a good drive to stay on the short grass, and I thought I had until my caddie said the dreaded words, ‘Nam’. Sure I have heard it before.

As said in previous reports this is a Clubhouse with class and on this day the drive up there was probably one of the best I have seen. The road was quiet and there were no hold ups at all. Just thought I would mention that as sometimes the drive is horrific.

Back to the Golf, and surprisingly there was a fair bit of water on the Course, or soggy bits, and other parts were hard and a bit bare. All in all the Course was in reasonable condition with the greens fast and true. We did however have a bit of a blow on and the Sun was hot and at times a glare was there.

I think most of us had a good day out on the Course, and of course the Clubhouse was a bonus.

The journey back went well and we were soon at BJ’s and into the results.

In the A Flight, 0 to 20, we had the best results. The winner with an outstanding 43 points was Andre Van Dyk ahead of John Davis in second with 39 points and Mashi Kaneta in third with 38 points. In the B Flight the winner was Reg Cochran with 37 points ahead of Nigel Perry in second with 36 points and Mick Coghlan in third with 35 points.

Dave Cooper won the best Front Nine score with 19 points on countback  from three others, and Carole Kubicki won the back nine also with 19 points.

Then time to relax.    TTFN

Near Pin     Rob Brown     Brian Parish   Derek Brook   Dave Cooper

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