Tropical Golf 20/09

Pattana ( Stableford)  When you sign in and your number is No 1 you know you are in for a bit of ‘Millionaires Golf’ as the Course is yours. Mind when we all signed in an got to the first Tee we knew we were in for a great day. No one in front, or as it happened behind.

We played the A & C Nines in that order and we knew we were lucky when we were told buggies could drive on the fairways with the usual restrictions. All this and the best Clubhouse in the business, what does one want on a day out.

This was all good news as the drive up there is a little bitty, major changes in the roadwork’s can cause major problems and delays and in fact despite leaving last, ‘The Mashi’ somehow managed to end up there first.

So off we went on a very quiet Course. A Nine was first and what can I say except it was in fine condition and very quiet. The greens were in fine condition and the fairways were good enough to have the carts on, although the ball did pick up some mud at times. The C Nine was also in good condition although the wind did pick up and by the time we finished a little rain was falling, and as we put the clubs in the cars we noticed more cars in the car park, so ‘Sadly’, someone was getting wet.

Quickly changed it was into cars and back to BJ’s where we were soon into the results.

The winner on the day was Dick Warberg with a great 44 points ahead of a countback on 41 points that saw John Bland in second and Don Carmody in third. Then it was time for a  few cold ones.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pin    Ronnie Ratte  Andre Van Dyk   John Bland   Mashi

Pic              Winners

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