Tropical Golf 20/06

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group

Friday, June 20 Royal Lakeside – St

Bob B. Conquers Royal Lakeside

Life is good at Tropical Golf, and just to prove it we treated ourselves to a trip out to Royal Lakeside.  A little longer of a drive, but freeway close, and it took on average an hour and ten minutes for everyone to arrive, and that included one wrong turn. So with sunny skies and a nice course waiting, a lucky thirteen golfers met at the tee to swing away.

Royal Lakeside is a scoring course. Wide fairways in good condition make sure you usually have a good lie, and that counts for a lot. Don’t take the course for granted though, as there is plenty of water to gobble up errant shots, and some of the bunkers are real tough to get out of.  Therein likes RL’s strategy – luring you into complacency.  To prove it the scores had a high dispersion.  At the top the scores were very good, and even with four places, if you didn’t have a “4” at the first part of you Stableford score, your job was to sit and applaud those that did.

At the top of the scoring heap Bob Britton (c/h 18), who drove in from Nakhon Nayok just to dominate the rest of the field, earning an amazing 43 points and winning on count-back! Very well done Bob. It wasn’t all that easy though as his score was matched by Daryl Evans (28). Wow, some golfers out there really took advantage. Following Daryl was Brian “Mr. Consistent” Parish (14) who seems to earn 41 points each time we play now. How can 40 points possibly earn last place on the Honor Roll?  That’s just what happened to Don Carmody (29). Wow, this group is good! Fairways and greens to all!

Best Nine (non winner): Barry Elphick (24 points) and Mashi Kaneta (21).

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