Tropical Golf 20/2

Steve Mick and Buckers

Tropical Golf

Wednesday February 20th, 2019  Pattavia

The usual suspects continuing good form!


Seems certain names keep coming up in the placings and no different today.

Buckers is in fine form and continuing on from his brutal 45 points on Friday to again be in the winner’s circle. Mick Coghlan is a name frequently happening as is Steve Truelove.


A hot dry day apart from some heavy sweating was in order for the 21 participants fighting over 12 placings in 3 flights.


Seems most don’t know what day it is at the moment as our golf clock is all confused with playing Wednesday rather than Tuesday… let’s face it most of us golf on regular days, change it and we all get confused.



A- Flight (0-14):  Steve Truelove 1st with 36 points off his 10 HCP, Rob Brown 2nd with 35 points off his 5 and Brian Parish 3rd with 34 points off his 13 HCP. The best nine no placing in that flight went to Landis Brooks with 17 points on count back over John Davis.


B-Flight (15-23):   Mick Coghlan 1st with 37 points off his 21 HCP Mikito Homma 2nd with 32 points off his 23 HCP and Rick Robshaw 3rd with 29 points off his 16 HCP. Frank Xin had the best non-winning nine hole score with 17 points.


C-Flight (24 +):  Graham Buckingham 1st with 34 points off his 24 HCP Gordon Clegg 2nd with 32 points off his 26 HCP and Don Carmody 3rd with 31 points off his 26 HCP. The best nine score for this flight went to Karen Brown with 18 points.




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