Tropical Golf 20/11


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Tuesday November 20, Pattavia 

John, Gordon, and Don Conquer Damp Pattavia!

Greetings Golfers. Lots going on this time of year: Christmas shopping, Loy Krathong, busy season, American Thanksgiving, Black Friday sales, and parties galore. Even with all that there is no doubt the most important items on the calendar are the Tropical Golf outings. This Tuesday Pattavia came up on the rotation and twenty cheerful but nervous golfers met at BJ’s Lodge. Cheerful because its a fun group, nervous because “those greens” are waiting.

Once on the highway the drive to Pattavia isn’t so bad anymore. The course condition was quite good with fairways well kept. Pattavia is famous for it’s tricky 3-putt greens, and the good or lucky keep their ball below the hole, and that can add up. There was a rain delay of about an hour but the course drains well, and naturally those sloped greens shed water quickly! With rain and tough putting, anyone with a poor round had excuses, but there were enough good scores to mute those who tried. Because of a very uneven mix of handicaps, we opted for three flights of two winners each to group similar rated golfers together better. It worked out splendid.

As most are aware Derek Brook who started as organizer of tropical golf 16 years ago and the ever lovable Dick Warberg who has been co organizing golf at Tropical since 2008 both have ongoing health issues that unfortunately don’t allow them to continue giving our tight band of enthusiastic golfers the time and effort needed to continue organizing golf at Tropical. The sudden impact on Dicks health is now in good hands and we hope to see him back on the fairways in the future. We are sure, all who know Dick wish him a quick recovery.


A-Flight (0-17) H’cap, Points……B-Flight (18+) H’cap, Points……C-Flight H’cap, Points

John Davis (13/39)……………………….Gordon Clegg (28/36)……………..Don Carmody (31/34)

Andre Van Dyk (17/38)…………………Dave Cooper (26/34)……… ………Sean Miller (31/33)

Best Nines:  Karen Brown (21 pts) and Graham Buckingham (20 pts) had the best half rounds.

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