Tropical Golf 2/4

Alan, Mick, and Henry Winners at Dry Pattana


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Tuesday, April 02, Pattana – St

Alan, Mick, and Henry Winners at Dry Pattana


This Tuesday the Tropical Golfers headed out to Pattana – always one of our favorite stops.  Twenty one hopeful golfers met at BJ’s Lodge for cups of brew and discuss the weather.  Pattana is in the “rain belt” of the Pattaya area, and most came wearing their waterproof shoes and hats. We needed luck for the weather and golf swings today.


Pattana was in its usual excellent condition. The only caveat is some of the fairways showed sparse patches – unusual for Pattana but still better than most courses in the area. Because of the recent rains the rough was rather “sticky” and greens held lofted approach shots well. Speaking of rain, for a change it was the golfers who stayed dry while Pattaya was nearly washed away. There was just a light drizzle as the last group putted out, and only later did we hear that while we were golfing Pattaya had heavy rain, floods, and hours long traffic jams. By the time we headed back all was clear.  Congrats to all the winners (12 our of 21 golfers) and especially Alan Sullivan with a magnificent 40 points off a respectable 14 handicap, just ahead of a couple 39 point rounds.


A-Flight (0-17): Alan Sullivan (40), Andre Van Dyk (39), Brian Parish (36).


B-Flight (18-23): Mick Coghlan (39), Graham Buckingham (38), Dave Cooper (37)


C-Flight (24+): Henry Wong, (30),Roy Dayton (27), Don Carmody (27)


Best Nine’s:  Mashi Kaneta, Walter Baechli, Barry Elphick

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