Tropical Golf 19/9

Tuesday The 19th September 2017: Royal Lakeside ( Stableford) They do say that if you are a bit sleepy, close your eyes and take a 20 minute of shut eye,or a nap as we say and you will be much better. So I always make sure that I book this Course every month and make sure I do sit in the back of Mashi’s car.


They talk about the best laid plans of Mice and Men, well some bright spark had run into the side of his car so instead of his nice new Honda Civic he brought his Ladies pickup. Let me tell you that cart springs are difficult to close your eyes over, however I have to say it is better than walking, so the drive up there was still exciting as usual in Mashi style.


This is a Course you can usually score well on and get good points. The winning score here is usually in the forties and thus is well liked by the players. It is nice sometimes to know you are not going to get nailed to the floor by the Course. The Clubhouse is imposing and the Course is very straight forward with hazards ahead well foreseeable. Stand on the first tee and you have a positive direction to hit the ball and hazards are to be seen.


On the day the fairways in places were a bit soggy but the carts were allowed to generally get you somewhere near to the ball. The rough was reasonably forgiving, and the greens were fast and true. The main drawback was the heat and the strong wind that seemed to blow hard all the day. The bunkers were a bit soft and very difficult to get out of and if your ball hit into the side it could at time be hard to find. However all in all a fine day out and enjoyed by all.


The drive back from there is usually quite busy at the time we usually leave, however despite the fact in a pickup back seats tend to be uncomfortable , part of the journey seems to have been  lost. But then I am know to be good at resting my eyes in almost any circumstances. Comes with plenty of practice.


When it was time for the results it was obvious that the last fourball had just about cleaned up and despite the organiser demanding a blood test all turned out well. The average score of the last group was 40.5 points. Really outstanding.


The winner with 41 Points was Brian Parish on a countback over Andre Van Dyk in second. We then had a three way countback on 40 points that saw John Davis in third and Nigel Perry in fourth. Dick Warberg just missed out however he did have a good front nine, SO,


The Best front nine, non winner, was Dick Warberg with 22 points and the best back nine was Don Carmody with 18 points.  T.T.F.N.


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