Tropical Golf 19/6

Tuesday the 19th June 2018 : Bangpakong Riverside Country Club. (  Stroke )  All looked good until we turned off the Motorway at the Bangpakong turnoff to suddenly find the road soaking wet and pools of water everywhere. The drive up had been fine with no sign of rain and to suddenly hit water was a surprise, it seemed like thunder showers had slipped in ahead of us. The rest of the trip in to the Golf Club was on soaking wet roads and the sky looked quite dark.


The decision was made and we booked in, were told carts were only allowed on the cart path, and made our way to the first tee, hoping that the showers were over but aware it was pretty wet all over with pools even in the bunkers. So those famous words were heard, ’ lift clean and place thru the green’. And it was wet with a soaking wet Course.


Off we went and as said the Course was wet and the ball picked up mud, but the dark skies brightened and there was no rain. Yes it turned out a nice day. This is a relatively friendly Course to play with a straight forward layout, normally all before you but if you get off line you will be punished. With the rain and heavy going and only having the carts on the path, a lot of walking took place even for those with carts.


With the Course fairly empty we zoomed around until we came up behind a 5 ball but they very kindly took longer at a stop and let us through. All in all despite the grass being longer than normal. the greens were good and the Course played well.


The drive back was quite clear so we were soon back at BJ’s.


The reason we played Stroke play was that this was the day of the ‘Monthly Mug’ and on this day it was very closely played with 4 players with the same score and the winner declared on countback.


The winner with a net 68 was John Pierrel on countback over Don Carmody in second and Brian Parish in third with Mashi Kaneta in fourth. Not often do we have so many in the countback but well done all. In fifth was Steve Truelove with a net 70 and in sixth was Derek Brook with a net 71.  End of a good but tiring day.  T.T.F.N.

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