Tropical Golf 19/12

Tuesday the 19th December 2017: Khao Kheow ( Stableford) Yes I know we have been here before but you can be assured we will be going there again as usual. There are over 25 Golf Courses in the area but every month when we look to make our list for the following month this goes down first. This is a great Golf Club.


On this day we were up and out from BJ’s nice and early as the weather in the area was ‘Unsettled’ and we were hoping for a good day out. So at the Course after a quick book in and change we were down to the start nice and  early, and were told we could get off straight away. It is surprising how often we are allowed an early get away. Truth is usually we are told that our tee time is the only one it can fit in at practically all  Courses and if you are early can usually tee off early. Weird innit??.


However off we went with a very strong wind against us. As we were playing the C Nine first you had to be careful as with a lake on the left and O.B on the right this can be a dodgy drive. Then, this being a par 5, you have usually two more shots into the green. Against a very strong wind this became three at least, happy days, In fact the first three holes are into the wind. So continued the day as against the wind was very difficult and with it behind it was not much better.


The first nine holes were as we expected, hard work, but you cannot do anything about the weather so into the back nine, the A Nine where the first 4 holes were into the teeth of the, by now ‘Gale’.  But there was always the thought that from the 5th it would be all down hill, so to speak. And so it was.


The Course was in decent shape and just as difficult as ever especially on the greens where with the strong winds the ball went where it wanted at times. However despite the strong wind when we got to the Clubhouse all the players had smiles on their faces. Weird people at times these golfers.


Fed and watered it was back to BJ’s and into the results.


In the A Flight, 0 to 19, the winner was Rob Brown with 37 points ahead of Brian Parish in second with 36 points. In third was John Davis with 30 points with Tom Herrington in fourth with 29 points.

In the B Flight, 20 up, the winner , by a street, was Patrick Poussier. Patrick  who had 42 points in that wind and on that difficult a Course that it was truly a round for him to remember. Way back in the dust with 33 points Don Carmody was in second with Carole Kubicki in third with 32 points.  We then had a four way countback on 31 points that saw Derek Brook in fourth. After all guess who does the countbacks!!.


Best front nine was Daryl Evans with 18 points and best back nine was Andre Van Dyk with 17 points.


Then all went home early, tired out from a day of fighting the wind.  T.T.F.N.

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