Tropical Golf 19/1

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Friday, January 19, 2018, Pattavia Century – St

Andre, Brian, and Torsten Survive Pattavia

Happy January to everyone. Just Eleven months left to finish your Christmas shopping! It is the busy season for sure, and thirty three golfers signed up at Tropical Golf to brave the greens at Pattavia. Make sure to arrive early for sign in and group assignments please.

Pattavia was in good condition as usual. It was quite a busy day as there were at least three golf groups there, plus a bevy of independent golfers showed up. Things moved slow but steady however, and considering the number of golfers on the course it could have been much worse. Pattavia is a pretty straight forward layout, but a few holes are downright tricky. And those greens! No other course has people coming off the green happy with a 3-putt.  There is a lot of golf to report so let’s get to it…

A-Flight (0-19):  Andre Van Dyk (c/h 17) returned to Pattavia and won the low handicap flight with a fine 36 points. John Davis (14) followed with 35 points, and Mashi Kaneta (18) edged out Walter Baechli (19) on count-back at the 34 point mark.

B-Flight (20-25):  Brian Gabe (22) had the best score of the day with 37 points. Good going Brian! Next Graham Buckingham (21) won on count-back over Jim Ferris (25), and Brad Robbins (21), all finishing with 34 pts.

C-Flight (26+): Torsten Bischoff (28) continued his good form with 36 points, edging out Jo Sparwirth (28) on count-back. Then Karen Brown (40) and Don Carmody (31) tied at 33 points with the nod going to Karen.

Best Nine (non winner): Paul Weatherley and Michel Beat won the best non-winning, 9-hole scores. Never give up!


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