Tropical Golf 19/08

Dick Shines at Mountain Shadow!

Greetings golf fans.  With Olympic golf now history its time to focus back on the more important golf event in the world – The Tropical Golfers!  You got to admit its more entertaining, as in laughable.  Things would get downright comical this week as the group headed out to the difficult Mountain Shadow course.  As usual the group filled up at BJ’s Lodge and loaded into their assigned cars.

Mountain Shadow is one of the most difficult courses in the rotation, so you’d better bring your A-game, and plenty of balls.  Course condition was fair-to-good, and the design makes sure the round is never boring.  Its also very scenic.  Due to rain or neglect some of the rough areas were very high, making the course even harder, and several lost balls just off the fairway.  Ouch.  The weather cooperated though at times quite breezy.  There were several near record low scores, but a skilled few managed to get through with dignity.

When the counting was done Dick “Mr. Chip-In” Warberg (c/h 22) was on top of the mountain with 36 points. Gotta love those 5 point holes!  Next came Barry Elphick (28) with a fine 35 points.  After that there was Two Toms Tied at 34 points, with Tom Herrington (18) on countback over Tommy Marshall (7).  You don’t want to know the rest of the scores.

Note: From now on Tropical Golf will have the Month Medal Mug on the last golf day of the month, whichever day it falls on.

Near pins:  Kenny Chung, John Pierrel, Barry Elphick

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