Tropical Golf 19/3

Landis David Alan and Roy

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group

Friday, 19 March, 2019 Bangpakong Riverside Country Club

David Bailey rips Bangpakong apart with 45 points.


It’s still high season for golf, and a good crowd of players met at BJ’s Holiday Lodge before making the trek up the 7. Bangpakong Riverside was in typically great condition. The Tropical golfers rang up some good scores, despite breezy conditions, and fairways that didn’t yield much roll. David Bailey had the score of the day with a fine, 45 points.

In Tuesday’s results, we had a total field of 27 players, with sixteen winners, spread over four flights. The top spot in A flight (0 –12) went to Landis Brooks’ 38 points from his handicap of 5. Second went to Bill Steinman (12), also with 38 points, but losing on count back. Third was John Davis (12) with 37 points. Rob Brown had the top nine hole score among non placers with 20 points.

In the B flight, (13 – 19) Alan Sullivan (14), was first with 41 points. Brian Parish (13), second with 37, and Andre Van Dyk (16), third with 32 points.  Bob Britton had the top nine hole score with 19 points.


In the C flight (20 – 24), David Bailey (23), was first with 45 points. Walter Baechli (22) was second with 38 and Graham Buckingham (23) claimed third with 36 points. Kae Dayton had the best nine score with 18 points.


In the D flight (25 and up), Roy Dayton (28), was first with 38 points. Karen Brown (31) was second, with 33 points. Henry Wong (28), third with 32 points, on count back over Barry Elphick. Barry did, however, have the best nine hole score with 18 points.


Congratulations to all the winners.


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