Tropical Golf 18/5

Treasure Hill – St

Warberg Goes Home with the Treasure!

Here we are in mid-May, numbers down with not all regulars returned from their Songkran trips away and the snow bunnies headed back home. For the die-hards though, bookings must be made and the outings organized. We missed an outing to Treasure Hill in April due to the reduced number of golf days so it was nice to see this tough but usually well presented course back in the rotation. The only apprehension in the minds of most centered on whether the rainy season thundershowers that seem to plague this particular area would give us a break this day. Fueled up with BJ’s breakfast and cups of caffeine, off we headed under fairly clear skies with only a hint in the forecast for showers.

The drive up is now fairly easy and we were greeted at the course by essentially an empty parking lot. With a quick check in, all opting for the fine 1250 baht “All-In” deal, we were soon off the 1st, playing the Yellow Tees. No “Lift, Clean, & Place” today as carts were allowed in fairways and there was no evidence of recent rains having drenched the course. This proved to be an acceptable decision and other than a light, on and off, shower over the last couple of holes, the weather had little influence and the course was in great condition.

With all four groups finished in 4 hours, all were on the road back to Pattaya and an earlier than usual snack and presentation. Playing off “Course Handicap” and with one flight the results of the day were:

1st:  Dick Warberg (22)                   – 36 pts

2nd: Brian Gabe (18)                        – 35pts

3rd: Graham Buckingham (23)        – 34pts

4th: Mashi Kaneta (16)                     – 33pts

Best 9’s(non-winners): Andre Van Dyk and Barry Elphick




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