Tropical Golf 18/11

Phil and Mick Shine at Pattavia!

Its a busy time in Golfland!  Tournaments, banquets, meetings, regular golf, plus all the other goings on in Pattaya.  Still, twenty two intrepid golfers found the time to show up at BJ’s Lodge for breakfast and brew.  This time the destination was Pattavia.  After filling up stomachs and cars, off we went.

Pattavia is a bit of a drive to be sure.  So is it worth it?  Yes!  The course was in excellent condition.  If one had to dig for a complaint to be “balanced”, sand in the bunkers is a bit hard and stony, but you’re not supposed to be in there anyway.  With the Golfer Of The Month race winding down its almost a runaway but some hope lingers, and the Tropical Golfers egos still smarting from low scores the previous round, there was a lot of reason to be interested in this day.  How would the group perform?  Very well thank you.

A-Flight (0-16):  Newcomer Phil Davies (c/h 14) announced his arrival by taking the top spot with a fine 39 points, edging out Bob Watson (7) on countback.  Well played.  The final spot in A-flight was taken by Maurice Roberts (12) with 38.  Didn’t all these share the same car?  Must be some good mojo in there.

B-Flight (17+):  Mick Coghlan (25) continued his fine form with the highest score of the day with a stellar 41 points!  Way to go!  Next in line was Don Carmody (30) with 40 points, and then Tom Herrington (19) took final honors.

Near pins:  Tom Herrington, Mashi Kaneta, Bob Watson (2)

Best front nine:  Brian Gabe (22)

Best back nine:  Otto Schmidt (20)

Sunday golf!  The Tropical Golfers are experimenting with a Sunday golf outing.  Competition is optional, and the emphasis will be on more affordable courses.  Sign up at BJ’s Holiday Lodge.

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