Tropical Golf 18/10

We had a really good turnout for this day out as all who play here enjoy not only a great Course and Venue, but a really good rate. The question was would the Course be in the great shape it usually is or would it be a bit soggy.

Nice day with a fair bit of Sun made this a great day  to be on the Course. Even after 18 holes I am not sure of the instructions given to the Caddies with regards to carts on the Course. Different Caddies seemingly had different ides and at times took you on the Course then did not. The reception said Carts in the rough was OK to me but to others it was Ok on the Course, however it is a long time since I have walked so far with a cart. Happy day and I suppose I needed the exercise.

I suppose by now you will have realise the Course was in fine condition, but it was dampish and let us say that carts in the rough was fine.  So away we went and the fairways were grassed but a bit wet in places while the rough tended to be long and wet, so get in the rough and it was difficult getting out.

The greens were in good order, probably a little soft but still putting fast. We had a good walk around, including we who took carts.

Round over it was a shower, a quick bite to eat and into cars for the trip back to BJ’s. I always like this bit as it gives me a chance to look at the inside of my eyelids. The journey always passes quickly and I am sure Mashi appreciates my silence.

Back at BJ’s it was soon into the results.

In the A Flight, 0 to 16,the winner was Tommy Marshall with 39 points ahead of a three way countback on 36 points that saw John Davis in second, Mashi Kaneta in third and Brian Parish just missing out.

In the B Flight, 17 upwards, the winner was Barry Elphick with 39 points with Alex Field in second with 37 points and Jim Ferris in third with 36 points.

We then as a group decided to discuss the  major issues in the World and decided they were way beyond us. Or most of us!!!     T.T.F.N.

Near Pin   Brian Parish   Bob Watson (2)   Walter Baechli

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