Tropical Golf 18/08

Derek Brook Proves St. Andrews Wrong!

All the Major golf tournaments are done for the year, right? Wrong! The Tropical Golfers consider every outing a Major Event, and the rounds are always interesting even if its just for laughs. This Friday the group decided to test themselves with a trip out to St. Andrews – of the 2000 variety. You didn’t really think we were off to Scotland did you? To show what a class act the Tropical Golfers are, we divided some discount coupons among all the players. What is better than that? So a lucky thirteen golfers headed out to try this difficult course with a discount price.

St. Andrews is a difficult course even if it’s been softened from years past. It’s also pricey and considered an “elite” course to play, and one of the most scenic in the area. Sadly the current condition would be rated poor to fair. Even taking into account scarified greens are needed for good maintenance, it doesn’t help to perform that on brown greens with bare and blighted patches. Fairways had many thin or bare areas. Overall this excellent and interesting layout is in worse condition than many local courses costing much less. Assuming the condition made a hard course even more difficult, what about the “Recommended for handicap 18 and below”? It turns out the Tropical Golfers, one in particular made fun of that advice! Just one winner met that condition.

In first place by a Par 3 came Derek Brook (c/h 24) with an inspired 41 points! Considering that Derek doesn’t usually play on Fridays he might decide that’s his best day. Congrats! Next John Davis (16) with a fine 38 points took second place on count-back, keeping the lower handicap players from getting laughed out of the restaurant. Losing the count-back on 38 points was Reg Cochran (33) for the third spot, and Dick Warberg (21) with 37 points rounded out the podium finishers.

Best Nines (non-winner): The best half rounds went to Graham Buckingham and Brian Gabe both with20pts on their respective nine.

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