Tropical Golf 18/03

Parish and Weatherley Tame Pattavia!

It was the starting day of the Pattaya Music Festival and luckily an early tee time was booked. Quite by accident but welcome just the same as the extra time would be needed for all to get back into Pattaya before the traffic woes brought on by the road closures and the crowds. Maybe due to this and maybe just the fact that Pattavia is not the favorite of quite a few, we had a small number show up at BJ’s for breakfast and transport arrangements. We had not been to this course in more than a month so all were wondering how it was faring with the lack of rain and how slick the greens would be. Not to worry, off we were. The drive up the 331 has improved a bit and within an hour we arrived to a very empty parking lot. Quick check-in at an excellent value and our first group was soon on the 1st tee a bit before our scheduled 0930 tee time.

Off we went under warm sunny skies with a nice breeze blowing just to keep us a bit cool and have to think more about club selection. Fairways were green with a good covering of grass and the green not as slick as we have seen them in the past. Still best to stay below the hole and avoid those dreaded down-hillers though. Also, like most of the courses we have played recently, once you get out of the area covered by the sprinkler systems, the ground gets hard and barren. More than one errant shot went whizzing through the hardpan and into the dense rough. Fairways and greens is the order of the day in these conditions.

With no one in front of our groups we were around in good time and all assembled in the fine clubhouse restaurant overlooking the 18th green, a great view and a good place to do our presentation. Our normal routine is to return to BJ’s, but with the Music Festival traffic we had decided to finish the day at the course so all could go their merry way once back in town. On to the results which were very good on a challenging layout, and there must have been some fine putting based on the scores that came in.

Congratulations to Brian and Paul for turning in the best scores of 39 points and to John and Carole for playing well enough to usually win on this tract. Well done! Based on scores like this and the fact that a couple regulars currently at or near the top of the GOM standings were absent, there is bound to be some changes at the top of the GOM leader board heading into the final week.


1st:  Brian Parish(12)        –  39 pts, c/b over

2nd: Paul Weatherley(19)  –  39 pts

3rd:  John Davis(14)          –  37 pts

4th: Carole Kubicki(20)    –   36 pts

Near Pins: John Davis (2), Landis Brooks, Paul Weatherley

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