Tropical Golf 18/9

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Tuesday September 18, Greenwood – St

Carmody Best on the Day at Greenwood

With several of the regulars off to Hua Hin and a few others out of Country, it was a small but eager group meeting at BJ Holiday Lodge for our monthly visit to Greenwood. It is an easy drive now and arriving under cloudy but dry skies all were anxious to test the challenges of the “A” & “C” nines once again. Word is that the “B” nine will reopen in November.

With the reduced number of players, all within a few strokes on Handicap Index it was decided to just play off HI this day instead of CH as the group usually does. So off C-1 we went playing “Ball in Hand” as even with carts allowed on the fairways, Greenwood always seems to be quite damp and generally mud on the ball, as it turned out, a wise decision.

With few players on the course, the pace of play was good and all were finished within 4 hours. Scorecards collected and tabulated, into the cars and head back to Pattaya and the friendly confines of BJ Holiday Lodge for a thirst quencher and a snack or late lunch before learning the results of the day.

In 3rd place we had Dick Warberg (21) edging out Derek Brook and Graham Buckingham all on 29 points. Alone in second place was Daryl Evans (22) garnering 31 points and the top step of the podium belonged to Don Carmody (26) carding 34 points. Congratulations to all and to Greenwood for presenting the group with quite a challenge on this day.

The Tropical Golf Group, a PSC affiliated group, generally play every Tuesday and Friday, meeting at “The BJ Holiday Lodge” located just off Pattaya Beach Rd on Soi 3. Stop by and check our bulletin board located in the restaurant. All levels of golfing ability are welcome for our friendly competitions.

Winner Don Carmody

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