Tropical Golf 17/7

Tuesday The 17th July 2018: Bangpra ( Stableford) It was raining as I drove around to BJ’s, quite hard infract, and of course on arriving I was bombarded with the normal question, ‘ It’s raining are we going to play? ‘. Answer still the same and that is as far as I can remember even when it is raining we have always gone to the Course as the weather can be very difficult to predict here, and we have been many a time when it was raining and I cannot remember not playing. The only times we have been rained off is when we go there in good weather and the heavens open. Really weird and I am not saying I prefer it when it rains as I know we will play.


So off we went and as I filled up the car at the top of  Pattaya Nua, I noticed that the rain landing on the car was very dirty indeed. I have never seen a car turn black so quick and wondered what it was doing to my lungs. However back in the car and talking to my friends I told them I was quite happy to have a white car and hoped the drive would wash the dirty rain off.


This day was also the culmination of The Bangpra Eclectic Ladder, this is the best score on each hole over the last three rounds there and the finish was still in doubt. There were several players very close and the winner could be one of several.


The Course itself was as expected still wet, but essentially as buggies were allowed on the fairways the Course was firm underneath. The mowers were still in use as we teed off, but what a fine day and to top it all off the rain kept the monkeys at home. Just like most sane people when it is rainy you stop in and stoke the fire up and keep dry, and the only monkey we saw as we were sat in the Restaurant and one prowled in front of the window trying to get in.


As said the grass was wet and a bit long with the greens slower than normal, but normal here is still nippy fast and the greens putted well and were true. Get into the rough however and it was still hard work trying to get the ball on its way. The rain was ‘spitty’ most of the time but as one golfer said it was just right to keep the temperature at an optimal. With no one ahead we fairly rattled around and after a most enjoyable round we were soon into the showers. The changing room here is a fine one and the Restaurant where we went next is very good with a fine view and also our one monkey of the day parading up and down.


The drive back was good, although I missed the entry to the motorway again and ended up coming in past the International School on the 36 and back along  Sukhumwit. This is twice I have missed the Route 7 on the way back, but I will get it on the way back next time after sage advice from Dick and Mashi. You would not think I have been driving this road for over 20 years, but getting back on is not easy, for me, seemingly.


Soon into the results we had a fine winner when Steve Truelove came in with 40 points, and I thought the Course tough.We then had a countback on 37 points that saw Walter Baechli in second and Bob Stokes in third. Another countback, this time on 36 points, saw Mashi in fourth and Don Carmody in fifth.


Then the Eclectic and that ‘Old’ warrior Dick Warberg won with a net 60.67 ahead of Don Carmody and Derek Brook in joint second with net 62’s.


this was a fine day out and most of the golfers left early to ensure they got a good nights sleep !!!. T.T.F.N.


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