Tropical Golf 17/11

Brian and Don Enjoy Narrow Victory at Emerald!

Its been a while since the Tropical Golfers headed south to the Emerald Golf Course, so they decided to visit this interesting layout.  With a tough Golfer Of The Month competition in full swing, fifteen golfers headed to Sattahip, but not before meet, greet, and filling up at BJ’s Holiday Lodge.

Emerald is one of the most interesting layouts on the rotation. Despite some long holes few areas are the grip it and rip it approach. Rolling fairways, enough jungle and other hazards to make you wish you brought that extra sleeve of balls, or two. Several greens are multi-tiered. This is among the most thoughtful of designs. Course condition was fair to good, so don’t let that keep you away. One thing a bit disappointing was the price, at 1350 to walk and 1850 to ride. A couple hundred baht more than it should be considering the options, but as a variety visit its ok once in a while.  Scores at difficult Emerald are usually on the low Stableford side, but this time enough golfers were up to the challenge.

Results:  First place was tied at 38 points, with Don Carmody (c/h 32) taking top honors on count-back over Brian “almost single digits” Parish (12). Good golfing on a tough course. The next two places were also tied just one stroke back at 37 points, with Tom Herrington (18) beating frequent winner John Davis on count-back. The final curtain call went to Brian Gabe (21) at 36 points. So this day Emerald was broken.

Best Nines (non-winner): Proving never give up pays off, Gordon Clegg won the best front nine, and Mashi Kaneta had the best return nine.

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