Tropical Golf 17/10

Royal Lakeside (Stableford) We seem to go here quite often these days and it is always a pleasure to play. Whether it is the fine Clubhouse or the straight forward, relative to many Courses, of the layout I am not too sure.This Course is one you can play and always seem to have a good day, and it is nice to go to a Course where you can relax a little and score well.


Main disadvantage of playing here is the drive there and especially back, however one thing I am good at is resting my eyes so it is not too bad, however driving back after playing can be a trial. I try to avoid it these days if I can.


On this day we were off on time but it was overcast and we expected some rain. The Course was grassed quite long and tended to make it seem long and while most fairways could be driven on in the buggies some were such that the carts were not allowed on. Caddie knowledge knew the ones we were not allowed on.


So with the fairways not cut short and the greens slower than normal, one would expect the scores to be low, but not with these ‘Lads’, they stuck at it and in general all the players scored quite well.  Oh, whilst it did rain a little it soon cleared and a good day was had by all.


Back at BJ’s we were soon into the results.


In the A Flight the winner was Bob Britton with a fine 42 points ahead of a countback on 39 points that saw Steve Truelove in second and Mashi Kaneta in third.

In the  B Flight the winner was Dick Warberg with also a fine 42 points ahead of a countback on 38 points that saw Barry Elphick in second and Mick Coghlan in third.


Then in the Non Winners section, the front nine was won by Andy Sullivan with 22 points and the back nine was won by Brian Parish with 17 points.   T.T.F.N.

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