Tropical Golf 17/05

Pattana ( Stableford) It takes a lot to get me out on the Golf Course these days and I like to think that ‘Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in The Mid Day Sun’ does not apply to me. But then I do play golf and spend hours during the week between 1000 and 1430   chasing a little white ball. Only consolation is that I play with a lot of other Nationalities, like Americans, Aussies and Japanese to name a few, along with the ‘odd Swiss’ who you can tell by the great shorts. So it cannot apply. Mind it really has been hot and it is midday so it appears not only Englishmen are mad. Just a little different. Or Golfers.


So on this day as we met at BJ’s, the main topic of conversation was not only the Sun but whether the Course would have grass on it after several other Courses being reported as dry and brown. whilst it is ok if the rough is a bit brown it is also a priority that the fairways and greens have grass on them and some Courses are struggling. It has to be said that the thunderstorms of late had unloaded some water, it seemed to have missed the most needy Courses, so how would Pattana hold up.


The drive up there was fine, and the Course finally has learned how to make the booking in fast and painless, so it was that we were out and ready to go on time. Good job and at least we were to play A & B Nines in that order, for those not in the know, B1 can be a bit difficult for your first shot. Indeed, even as my first shot on the second nine it was in the water right. I have to say that luckily there was little water in the Lake and I was able to climb down and get to my ball. And that was the start of seven holes and two points. Sometimes getting out of bed when it’s that hot and the brain is frazzled can be a problem. Suffice to say there are some big stones in hazards and clubs are costly.


Back to the front nine though and the Course was in fine condition, with grass on the fairways and the greens in great condition, only problem for me was that I could not find a rest stop and water was in short supply. I am told there is one but you have to look for it.. I was heating up a bit as we went along, and I have been having dehydration problems of late so I always need water. But a fine first nine holes, but as we got to the B Nine, apart from my drive in the hazard, the wind got up and thunder was heard.


Surprisingly the the thunder continued for most of the back nine and as we neared the end we got a few drops of rain, but the heavy downpour moved away to our amazement an I must admit pleasure. We have been rained off at this Course more that any other of late. Still all in all a fine day except the heat got to one or two of us especially me. They reckon that if you are dehydrated the golf drops off in the last few holes, I agree except mine went from the 10th.  Make sure you drink before you go on the Course as when you feel thirsty it is too late.


Back at BJ’s we had some good scores, and some really terrible ones. Winner on the day with a fine 41 points was Brian Parish, with Roger Rees second with 38 points and John Davis third with 37 points. In fourth we had Landis Brooks with 35 points. Then the Scribe re-hydrated himself.   T.T.F.N.

Near Pin    Roger Rees   Landis Brooks   Daryl Evans

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