Tropical Golf 17/02

Mashi and Dave Conquer Tough Treasure Hill

Hello wanna-be golfers.  The busy season is winding down, and soon temperatures will be winding up.  Right now the Tropical Golfers are in that in-between time.  A slightly reduced but still healthy nineteen golfers met at BJ’s Lodge for good eats and ride assignments.  Today we headed out to Treasure Hill – an interesting layout and tough test.

Despite some construction on the way we arrived in time to get some putts in before teeing off.  With a 1150 bt price including cart, many elected to ride this day even though the weather wasn’t so hot.  Treat yourself sometimes!  The course was in pretty good condition, although the lack of recent rain is starting to show, and TH suffers from that unique Pattaya malady of cutting the fairway too short when the underlying surface doesn’t support it.  Greens at TH are notoriously difficult, and the pin positions this day were extra punishing.  After last week’s Scorefest at Bangpakong, would the confidence hold over?  No way!

A-Flight (0-18):  Treasure Hill was the winner this day with no one getting to handicap, but someone has to be first.  Mashi Kaneta (c/h 15) tied for best score of the day with 35 points.  Way to hang in there Mashi!  Next was Landis Brook (10) with 32 on countback over Richard Kubicki (15) with the same.

B-Flight (19+):   Dave Cooper (22) continued his amazing roll by winning B-Flight with 35 points, followed by Gorden Clegg (34) and Carole Kubicki (27) each with 32.

Near Pins:  John Davis (2), Daryl Evans, Walter Baechli

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