Tropical Golf 16/2

Friday The 16th February 2018: Pattavia ( Stableford) I quite looked forward to this day as I personally had not been to this Course for some time. The feed back told me that the Course had been really improved and it was well worth the visit.

A big group turned up early in the morning at BJ’s and were soon onto transport and off to the Course. I went on the Minibus for a change and as we neared the Course the driver took us down many of the side roads I had not been down and for the last 15 or so minutes or on the way there we travelled with very few cars to be seen. Really peaceful and we were there in plenty of time. Some of the mini bus drivers are really good.

The Course is out in the ‘Country’ and seems peacefull, but last time I went I remember it being in poor condition so had no made any effort to go, however first impressions were that this seemed like a much improved and organised Course.

Onto the first we were away on time and it soon became obvious that this was a place to play if you want a good relaxed day. The first thing I noticed was that the bunkers had been raked and were in good condition. Then that the fairways were in good condition and could be played from and the rough was looked after but was punishing.

Lastly, and it is worth discussion , the greens were a bit wicked. I chipped onto the 1st green and it seemed to be going to the pin, then turned 90 degrees and went off the green.You really have to remember where you are and need to play here several times before you understand how to play them, I thought they were nearly unplayable. However talking to some of the other players they were pleased that the greens, although difficult, were reasonable on the day. I have to say with the concealed slopes they will always be difficult, but what a test.

The pace of play was quite good, despite having to wait at times and the groups behind were close behind, so after a quick bite to eat it was into the transport and back to BJ’s at a reasonable time for a change, and into the results.

In the A Flight, 0 to 18, we had a three way countback on 18 points, the winner was Mashi Kaneta with Landis Brooks in second and Richard Kubicki in third.

In the B Flight, 19 to 26, the Winner was Torsten Bischoff with 39 points ahead of Graham Buckingham in second with Joe Sparwith in third with 34 points.

In the C Flight, 27 up, the Winner with the best score of the day was Carole Kubicki with 42 points ahead of Karen Brown in second with 38 points and Brian Cooper in third with 32 points on countback over Daryl Evans.

Best front nine , non winning, was John Davis with 21 points and back nine was Rob Brown with 19 points.

Finished early it was time for a couple of cold ones before departing into the sunset.  T.T.F.N.

Mashi left, Carole centre and Torsten right.


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