Tropical Golf 16/12

Mashi and Tom “Top Cat” Cotton Win at Pattavia

Things are happening fast for the Tropical Golfers!  The Holidays, many parties, Golfer of the Month, Golfer of the Year, lots of returning friends… and much more.  Somehow we have to concentrate on the round of the day, and the destination this day was Pattavia.  After filling up on food and cups of energy, 22 golfers headed out on the long drive from BJ’s Holiday Lodge.

Every time we play Pattavia, it begs the question is the drive worth it?  Yes it is!  Some road repair and shortcuts have made the trip tolerable, and the course is in good to very good condition.  Maybe it just seemed better because it was the best weather we’ve had in a year, borderline cool with clouds and a healthy breeze.  The kind of weather that doesn’t sap all your strength, and makes for a pleasant day on the links.  Pattavia is a deceptive course… it seems pretty straight forward, easy even, but is tricky enough that scores tend to come in lower than usual.

A-Flight (0-18):  Regular winner Mashi Kaneta (c/h 17) won his flight with a hard earned 35 points.  Congrats!  Next came Tom Herrington (18) with 34 points, and then the returning Rob Brown (8) with 33 points.

B-Flight (19+): Tom Cotton (30) had the best score of the day with an inspired 40 points.  Way to go Tom!  Next came Torsten Bishoff (31) and his impressive mop of hair with an excellent 37 points, followed by Don Carmody (31) with 36 points.  B-Flight had all the high scores this day.

Near pins:  Landis Brooks, Andre Van Dyk, Don Carmody

Best front nine (non winner):  Graham Buckingham

Best back nine (non winner):  Brian Parish


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