Tropical Golf 16/1

Tuesday The 16th January 2018:  Greenwood ( Stableford)  We have been to this Course many times, the fun on this day was to actually get there as the Tolls were open on the Route 7. After discussion most of the car drivers that went, we went up the way we normally go and paid the Toll, and in fact we got there just as quick as normal. Cost a few baht but it made no difference. However going to Golf Courses off the 7 is not going to be as easy, with the access road very busy, whilst Courses around Greenwood will still be easily accessed.


We got there in good time, all Eight Groups, and after changing went out to the Course, where we were to play the A and C Nines in that order. We were soon away, a little early and found the Course to be in fine condition. The fairways were well grassed, the ground soft and the rough in good condition and playable. The greens were in good condition but were a little on the slow side but you cannot have everything in life.


We progressed at a good speed and were not held up, so with fine weather this day turned out to be one of the best we have had in recent weeks. I suspect with the Tolls on the Route 7, the Courses in this area will be one of the more used areas as they are still easy to get to, as many Courses closer now end up on the parallel access roads, or go down Sukhumvit.


Round over it was into a warm shower and back to Pattaya and the home base, BJ’s, and nearly straight  into the presentation. I say into the presentation but we had one hiccup, 4 of our players seemed to have disappeared. More search noted they were all in one car, then the information filtered through that one of them had a ‘Hole in One’ and it was Barry Elphick and all became clear. Doubtless a quick celebratory drink was in progress.


Finally the missing players turned up and the results were then given.


In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Mashi Kaneta with 38 points on countback over Steve Truelove in second. In third was Brian Parish with 36 points and in fourth was Andre Van Dyk with 35 points.


In the B Flight, 19 to 25, the winner was Paul Weatherly with 37 points ahead of Dick Warberg in second with 36 points. In third was Graham Buckingham with 35 points on countback ahead of Joe Sparwith in fourth.


In the C Flight, 26 upwards the winner was Derek Brook with 37 points ahead of Don Carmody with 36 points. In third was Torsten Bischoff with 35 points on countback over Kenny Chung in fourth.


In the front nine back nine Saga, and this is the best score on each Nine by a non winner, the front Nine was won with 19 points by Brian Gabe and the back nine by Dave Cooper with 18 points.


Then it was time to say well done to Barry Elphick, and enjoy the cold beer he bought all the players. Well done all the winners and especially well done Barry on his Second ‘Hole in One’.  T.T.F.N.





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