Tropical Golf 16/09

Gerd and Dick Winners at Pattavia

With the Ryder Cup approaching, twenty six Tropical Golfers interrupted their predictions and heated conversations to pack up the cars and head to Pattavia.  We haven’t been here in a while – so much golf so little time – and the long drive puts some people off.  However all went well.  Some shortcuts that are actually shorter and road improvements on the final stretch made the drive quite tolerable.  If only the weather would cooperate, and it did.  Rather hot to start, but breezy and more clouds near the end made the day tolerable.

Pattavia is in very good to excellent condition.  Group after group came in with the same comments.  The general layout at Pattavia makes it one of the easier courses, but the Management knows what they are doing by making the greens the most challenging (or frustrating) in the area.   Three and four putts are common, and unless you are good or lucky enough to be below the hole, one putt down and two+ coming back is the norm.  Still, it’s a scoring course and on this day you had better make or break your handicap to get any publicity.

A-Flight (0-18):  Expert golfer Gerd Riedler (c/h 8) showed his composure by navigating the course and greens with a stellar 39 points.  Such talent!  Steady Takeshi Hakozaki (17) played quite well with 38 points, and John Davis (15) finished with 37 points rounding out that flight.

B-Flight (19+):  The star of the day was Dick Warberg (24) with a sky high 43 points!  It was Dick’s finest round in a very long while and we congratulate him.  Tom Cotton (30) took the next place six shots back with 37 points, and Tom Herrington (19) got the last mention with “only” 36 points. Good going to everyone.

Near pins:  Andre Van Dyk, Maurice Roberts, Mikito Homma, Brian Parish

Long putt:  Bob Watson :)

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