Tropical Golf 16/08

I knew it was going to be a good day out when I got an email asking me which two Nines we wanted to play as Pattana had said we could play any two. This was a difficult decision as all are very playable, however as I said I did not mind which we played if I did not have to ‘Tee Off’ on B1. So we played C1 and A1 in that order.

.For those who do not know B1 is a difficult driving hole and has water both sides, most of us do not mind playing it on the second nine, but as a first drive it sets up that worry of slice or hook. So we set off happy in the thought that CI beckoned first. Though the drive up there is not good these days, on this day it was particularly bad, with a major accident near Burapha Golf Course and heavy construction on the 331. However going up there with Mashi it was a piece of cake, the ‘Mashi Way’ is indeed inscrutable.

So we arrived, although some of us went around the houses, to find a very nice reception outside  and a welcome to Tropical Golf on the board there. These little things make your day and all agreed it was a nice thought. So a quick change and out to the first tee, that was C1.

Soon away the first thing that was noticed was that the wind was very  strong, indeed as it usually seems the wind was strong all day and it always seemed  we were playing into it, or it was across us. I really do not like a wind like that. But at least we were out and about.

The C Nine was not in bad condition, but I suspect it is the least used Nine of the three, and as it had rained of late, the fairways were still a bit slow and the greens seemed hairy and slow. However as I believe the C Nine had been opened just for us, I must say Thank You to The Management.

Onto the A Nine and this as usual was in fine condition with the greens seemingly faster and the fairways well grassed. However the wind continued to blow and it was a very tired group of golfers who finished their round and returned to what I believe is the best Clubhouse around.

In the Clubhouse you have several outlets for refreshments, from the quick stop outside the changing rooms to the ultra modern Restaurant with a look over the Course. I usually stop at the Korean Restaurant as I come in, as they have beers instantly available. Happy days.

We were back in Pattaya nice and early and were soon into the results.In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Gerd Riedler with a fine 39 points ahead of Tom Herrington in second with 36 points and Yurie Murakamie in third with 34 points. In the B Flight we had a blast from the past as John Sykes returned and shot a fine , nay really good 43 points. Tom was only saying he had not played much in the last few years, Well Played. In second place was Barry Elphick with 35 points and in third was John Vincent with 34 points. Then time to have a few  to cool down.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pin     Brian Parish   Doug Maiko   Yurie  Murakamie      Barry Elphick

Long Put    John Anderson   Yurie Murakamie

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