Tropical Golf 16/06

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Friday, June 16, Silky Oak – St

Brian Smooth at Silky Oak

Happy Hello to our readers all over the world! This Friday the Tropical Golfers returned to Silky Oak. Or is it Silky Oaks? Either way it’s an interesting course with seemingly constant changes going on. A warm day waited the ten Tropical Golfers, but with carts required at this course it wouldn’t be too bad. After getting food, group and ride assignments at BJ’s Lodge, we saddled up and headed out on the reasonably short trip to the course of the day.  This round also marks the half way point of the Golfer of the Month race.

Silky Oak is a “mess with your head” design. Lots of water carries that are actually quite short if you study the hole, but it has that “freeze factor” that causes so much trouble. Other holes dare you to take the shortcut, but punish those who don’t do it just right. Kind of like some of the people who drive cars at Tropical Golf! All that said, the Stableford scores at Silky Oak are usually on the high side and the winner this day proved that with room to spare.

Brian Parish (c/h 13) dominated this day with a fantastic 41 points, five shots clear of the mortals.  Brian was on his way to a 50 point round before he woke up and wondered who was this golfer in his skin? Impressive round Brian! Next on the podium was Graham Buckingham (25) with 36 points, and then a count-back saw the recently returned Mashi Kaneta (17) edge out Daryl Evans (25) at the 33 points mark.  Fairways and greens to all!

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