Tropical Golf 16/05

Tuesday The 16th May 2017: Royal Lakeside ( Stableford) The day did not start well. At first light a look out over the balcony showed a steady fall of rain and it was obvious a storm was on its way. By the time it was the time to go round to BJ’s the phone had been ringing with players wondering if it was worth getting out of bed and the walk to BJ’s was around the puddles in the road. My answer to all the ‘Doom Sayers’ was that we always went and 99% of the time we played.


So after the talk with Royal Lakeside that informed us the rain had stopped there and it was brightening up, we finished ‘Brekkers’, got into cars and started the long trek down to the Course. As expected the road was wet and we constantly ran through rain showers, and dark sky’s, but were we worried about getting rained off?, well of course we were.


Arriving at Royal Lakeside in dull weather the Clubhouse looked quite Majestic, so after a quick change in the smart changing room it was out to the Course. Having been told that Buggies were allowed only on the path, we ‘Goldies’ got ready for a lot of walking, and also as carts are not allowed on the Course it was into lift , clean and place.


This is a Course where if you can hit the ball long and straight you will score well as all the holes seem to be pretty straight forward. However off the straight and narrow you will be penalized. One other thought on the day is that the ground was very wet all the way around, and there was little run on the fairways. Indeed on most fairways there was a generous splash as you walked down them reminding us that it had been raining not too long before.


Hit straight and long and you will score well, and do not stray. However the par 3’s were difficult as always here. The greens were supposed to be a 10 on the ‘Stimp Meter’, however I think the rain had slowed them down. Despite this they putted well, says someone who for once seemed to sink puts from anywhere. Every Dog etc.


It did not rain and we all had a great day in cool temperatures on a Course that would produce some good scores for those who were playing well and cause those not playing well to struggle. We got around very well as the Course was not very full.


The change was quick and we were soon on our way back, it is not the best drive back but we were soon back at BJ’s and it was not long before the results were declared, and some very good scores were there. It is usually a score over 40 points that wins here and on this day we had three exceptional scores.


In the A Flight, 0 to 17, we had two great rounds of Gross 74, however when the handicaps were put in the winner off 10 handicap was Landis Brooks with 44 points with Gerd Riedler in second off 9 handicap with 43 points. Both great rounds. In third was Andre Van Dyk with a very creditable 38 points.

In the B Flight, 18 up, the scribe turned the clocks back a couple of years and had his best round for some years. This resulted in him winning the B Flight by 10 points. So the B Flight winner with 47 points was Derek Brook who will hopefully play well off his new handicap. In second place was Reg Cochrane with 37 points and in third place was Bob Britton with 35 points.


The best Non Winner front nine was Tom Herrington with 24 points and the back nine was Brian Parish with 20 points.


As can be imagined some of us stayed and retold the day several times and I noticed all the Singer Lights now have a Blue top, or was I hallucinating ?.  T.T.F.N.


Near Pin    Landis Brooks  Reg Cochrane Steve Truelove   Dick Warberg









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