Tropical Golf 16/11

Winner Dave Cooper(L), Runner-up, Otto Schmidt(R)

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group

Friday, November 16, Pleasant Valley – St

Dave Cooper Sizzles at Hot Pleasant Valley

A friendly wave to all golf fans from the Tropical Golfers and an early happy Loy Krathong to all. We are happy to welcome back some seasonal visitors, with more on the way, and on this day fifteen intrepid golfers met at BJ’s Lodge for wake-up cups and some good food before heading out to Pleasant Valley. For once the predicted weather was clear all day and that proved the case.

We haven’t been to Pleasant Valley in a while so it was time for a visit with the help of some discount vouchers. Many Caddies had their optional weekend uniforms on for a nice bit of variety. Many forgot – often intentionally – just how tough yet interesting PV can be. It is definitely a shot maker’s course, and “grip it-n-rip it” wild golfers are soon penalized. A common topic after the round was how many balls they lost. Well, maybe it’s good to cycle through your inventory. Course condition was good overall. One issue of the day was it seemed so HOT. Maybe just in comparison to recent weather, but it sucked the energy right out of you. Scores were on the good side however so many overcame the conditions.

Results:  The weather was hot but Dave Cooper was even hotter!  Ignoring the heat and all hazards, Dave (c/h 27) shot a fantastic 45 points, and all from someone who “Doesn’t look like a golfer”.  Returning Otto Schmidt (35) was also impressive with his 41 points. Easier than sailing, right Otto? Graham “Buckers” Buckingham (25) was just a couple back with 39 points, followed by Daryl Evans (c/h 26) and returning Rob Brown (7) who both posted enviable 37 points. Heat? What heat?

Best Nine: Good half rounds went to Brian Gabe (18) and Mashi Kaneta (21).

Remember: We at Tropical Golf would like to join all of Pattaya golfers and societies in remembering Steve Ellison from The Golf Club Bar. Steve was a good friend of all golfers in Pattaya and beyond, and a true gentleman with a welcoming smile for anyone he met. All of Pattaya golf benefited from his efforts.  He will be missed.

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