Tropical Golf 15/5

Sunrise Lagoon ( Stableford)  Where?, you will be asking, as was I, when Dick asked did I think a trip there would be worth it. It just so happened that one of out group had heard of it and talking nicely to him he ‘volunteered’ to take a trip there and have a look around. The reply was positive so we thought we would give it a go. And why not!!.

So where is it, well go to Bangpakong Riverside and keep going for half an hour or so and there it is. Well not quite as easy as a couple of accidents slowed us down but give or take a few minutes and couple of hours and allowed many a couple of hours ‘shut eye’ in the bus till we got there.

The entrance is different, reminds me of many of the Courses in Pattaya many years ago as they had been laid out but were trying to mature and find their feet. The booking in was also different, you paid, got a score card and were told to change go outside and sort of get on with it. Outside was a Lady who asked what you had paid and then either put you in a buggy or had a caddy and a trolley. Never seen it before. Suspect they had no receipts for the players but it was different and sort of worked. It was apparent not many groups had visited.

The day was roasting hot and as I suspect there were not many on the Course we were soon off. Only to find the Course very wet but the buggies went everywhere. Takes me back. The Course itself was very flat and an easy walk, so I am told, but it has much promise as practically every hole has water on it. There was even a tent, somewhere, that sold water and some things to eat. The place is built around rivers and ponds and playing over water or indeed alongside it is a constant in this round.  The greens were slow and most were flat with little deviation, just enough to miss the hole. But the wet grass and the longish grass on the fairway made the Course seem very long.

All in all the Course needs to mature, but the constant of water on practically every hole makes it a tough Course to score on. Many greens are over water with the odd island green. However with an empty Course we scooted around. Then back to the changing room.

Talking of the changing room, the keys were in the locks and you chose your own locker. Mind the keys did not lock the doors on most, but with a little basic engineering you could get a locker that worked. Happy days as the room was nice and clean.

The room we sat in was nice and peaceful, just a room and you were not bothered. You could go to the desk and get soft drinks brought. Nice and peacefull. I suppose they had food but it seemed a pity to disturb them.


All in all this was a really enjoyable day out. I suspect we were something different, but we were treated well and all were full of compliments at the way we were looked after. I suspect we will return one day. After all at 900 Baht for Greenfee and Caddyfee, and allowed to share a cart you cannot go wrong.


Back at BJ’s, two hours later, we were soon into the results.


The winner on the day was Nigel Perry with 39 points with John Davies second on 38 points. In third was Bob Britton with 36 points on countback over Roger Rees in fourth.

Front Nine winner was Andre Van Dyk with 18 points and Darren Evans won the back nine with 21 points.

Then time for a bite to eat and an early night. For some.    T.T.F.N.

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