Tropical Golf 15/11

Gerd, Brian, and Mountain Shadow Win

How time flies.  The year is winding down, and with just six weeks to go in this one, 18 Tropical Golfers signed up for the challenge at Mt. Shadow to get in some golf memories.  Weather is a bit cooler these days and the “daily rains” are down to a few times/week, increasing chances of uninterrupted rounds.

Mountain Shadow is in fair – to – good condition.  Fairways are ok, and greens a bit uneven but not disagreeable.  Playing off the blue tees made the course a fair but not unreasonable test.  The weather was fine.  Where is all this leading?  It means we are out of excuses!  Maybe too many golfers were out late the night before?  Not a single golfer got within three shots of handicap, and things fell off quickly from there.  Someone has to win however, so on with the results.

Gerd Riedler (c/h 7) and his impressive handicap tied for the best score of the day and took top honors on countback over Brian Parish, both with 33 points.  They must have been surprised.  Tom Herrington (19) and Andre Van Dyk (15) were next with 32 points, followed by Roger Rees (13) and Mick Coghlan (24) with 30.  Sometimes the course wins, and this was one of them.

Near pins:  Dick Warberg, Gerd Riedler (2)

Best front 9: Mashi Kaneta

Best back 9:  Steve Truelove

Sunday golf!  The Tropical Golfers are experimenting with a Sunday golf outing.  Competition is optional, and the emphasis will be on more affordable courses.  Sign up at BJ’s Holiday Lodge.

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