Tropical Golf 15/2

Tropical Golf

Friday, Feb 15, 2019  Greenwood

Buckers rips Greenwood apart while Dave and JD have wins!


Off to Greenwood a familiar but what a lot of Tropical’s consider one the best value courses around was on the menu for Friday.


No Vouchers available from the PSC so we paid 900 baht green fee and still value at that price.

The course as always was in very good condition and they are not afraid to keep it well watered… green and lush.


After the excitement of Tiger Tee Tuesday it was back to our staple of Stableford with only 2 players breaking handicap.


30 points got A and B flights into the placings with 15 places from 25 players. We decided that whenever possible to have all placings in the respective flights whenever possible. Last week we tried having the best 9 hole score of a non winner from each flight get a placing and due to the popularity of it we will be doing this now on a regular basis.


It’s all a fine tuning exercise to make Tropical that little bit different and try and keep things interesting for our group of hardy expats and holidaying regulars. The maximum amount of golfers has been reduced to 28 with advance games being available to reserve a spot 2 weeks in advance. It’s more about looking after our core regulars.

Being a 100% nonprofit group we are able to experiment so as to give our people the best golfing experience possible.

More placings with minimum 50% placings, best 9 holes in each flight, Tiger Tee Challenges for the long hitters and Front tee Friday coming up for those short on length gives a great deal of diversity and some fun.

Presentation is done as soon as we get back and our Hosts BJ Holiday Lodge has some great golfers drink prices and the whole menu is discounted. All makes for a great day.

To the results, as said before only 2 players broke handicap with Graham (Buckers) Buckingham ripping it apart with 45 points.

Blood and urine sample came back negative so it must have been raw brut talent.

In B flight Dave DB Cooper was the only other to break handicap with a solid 38 points



A- Flight (0-14):  John Davis 1st with 33 points off his 11 HCP. Brian Parish 2nd with 32 points off his 13 HCP edged out Rob Brown in 3rd off his 5 HCP and big Deryl Neufeld 4th with 30 points of his 14 HCP The best nine in that flight went to Alan Sullivan with 16 points.


B-Flight (15-24):   Dave DB Cooper 1st with 38 points off his 24 HCP Joe Sparwirth 2nd with 36 points off his 22 HCP Mikito Homa 3rd with 34 points off his 24 HCP and a stellar 4th placing went to Andre Van Dyk with 30 points off his 17 HCP. Paul Weatherly had the best non-winning nine hole score with 17 points.


C-Flight (25 +):  Graham Buckingham 1st with 45 points off his 25 HCP Colm Mullen 2nd with 34 points off his 28 HCP The long Texan David Bailey 3rd with 33 points off his 27 HCP and all round nice guy Don Carmody 4th with 32 points off his 26 HCP. The best nine score for this flight went to Brian Cooper with 17 points.




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