Tropical Golf 14/8

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday August 14, Greenwood – St

John Davis Takes 1st at Greenwood

Low season, the organizers easy time of the year, the ever popular Greenwood on the schedule, and a good chance of decent weather, does it get better? With regulars scattered around Thailand and indeed the world on personal trips, a small but enthusiastic group headed out for Greenwood after their “Golfer’s Breakfast” and complementary coffee or tea at BJ’s. The weather looked promising with the chance of some wind and possible rain showers, but nothing severe showing up on the local weather radars.

On arrival after the relatively easy drive to the course, we had an easy check-in, including a new special “Tuesday All-In” rate making it especially attractive for those taking carts, and were soon gathered on A-1 to begin our journey around the “A” & “C” nines. There seemed to be quite a few golfers at the course however the starter had effectively started other groups off C-1 and we all ended up having clear sailing all the way around. The course was in excellent condition, good grass under the ball and the greens running smoothly at a reasonable speed. The only problem mentioned was inconsistency of bunkers with some packed and firm and some loose and fluffy, but hey, not suppose to be there anyway. They are called hazards for a reason. Greenwood is usually a course that players score well on and with the weather fully cooperating this day, how would the Tropical Golfers fair, would they beat the course or would Greenwood A/C come out on top?

Round over, cards collected, and the group assembled back at BJ’s, some eating a late lunch, all were ready to learn the results of the day and so without further delay;

1st Place:        John Davis (c/h 12)  35 pts on c/b over,

2nd Place:       Frank Xin (31)          35 pts

3rd Place:        John Pierrel (14)       34 pts

4th Place:        Brian Parish (13)      32 pts on c/b over

Dick Warberg and Mashi Kaneta

We therefore have to concede that on this day Greenwood A/C held its own with no Tropical Golfer meeting, let alone beating, their handicap. However, rest assured The Tropical Golfers will return to renew the battle.

The Tropical Golf Group, a PSC affiliated group, generally play every Tuesday and Friday, meeting at “The BJ Holiday Lodge” located just off Pattaya Beach Rd on Soi 3. Stop by and check our bulletin board located in the restaurant. All levels of golfing ability are welcome for our friendly competitions.


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