Tropical Golf 14/11

Tuesday The 14th November 2017:  Treasure Hill ( Stableford )  The weather has been fine of late so as we met at BJ’s early in the morning we were looking forward to a great day out at Treasure Hill. So into cars and off we went. The first thing we noticed was that we could not see very far as we drove up there, there was a very thick fog and it masked the countryside. Occasionally, we get this but on this day all we were thinking was that it was going to be a hot day and the mist was rising.


At Treasure Hill I fortunately parked the car under cover, then we all booked in and went down to the start. Incidentally they have a great deal on for Greenfee, caddy and cart, so as expected the Course looked like it would be quite busy. However we were able to get away on time.


The weather was a bit hot but we were able to move at a good pace at first and the Course looked in good condition. The fairways were well cut, if a little soft, the rough was full of trees, as most of us found out, and the greens were hard and true if a little well used. So all in all a good Course. if a little misty. And difficult.


As we went around the mist lifted and it became even warmer but what a fine day and we carried on at some speed until we came to the inevitable. The 5 Ball!!. On this day they went at a fair pace but we were held up, however we still finished our round in good weather, and good time, and put our clubs away in the cars and went in for a shower.


On coming out of the changing rooms on our way to the Restaurant it started to rain and as we sat there looking out of the window it got quite heavy, so out to the cars after saying how lucky we were to finish our round dry, and off we went.


You can guess the next if you have lived in Thailand long. The heavens opened and it got so bad that we proceeded with great caution. It came down so hard the roads flooded and coming the other way we noted an large ‘Arctic’ had jackknifed and blocked the oncoming road.  It seemed relentless but eventually we got back to BJ’s when it seemed to slow to light rain.


The rain did not dampen the feelings of a great day and we were soon into the results.


Until the last card came in ‘The Scribe’ was in the lead then reality set in. The winner with 37 points was  Colm Mullen ahead of Derek Brook in second with 36 points. We then had a three way countback on 33 points that saw Gordon Clegg in third, Don Carmody in fourth and just missing out was Mick Coghlan.


However Mick did not lose out totally as he won the back nine with 18 points while Mashi Kaneta won the front nine with 18 points. Then most went home after a great day.  T.T.F.N.








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