Tropical Golf 14/07

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Friday, July 14, Treasure Hill – St

Pierrel Uncovers the Treasure…!

Here we are, mid July, temperatures and rainy spells on the rise, but the interest in hitting the links for a round of golf not dropping off at all. In fact the numbers were up for this round scheduled for the usual tough challenge of Treasure Hill. With the heavy thunderstorms the previous two evenings and dark, overcast skies as all arrived at BJ’s Holiday Lodge for breakfast, more than one wondered if we would manage to get through the day without getting drenched. However, no one backed out and 19 intrepid souls headed off to take on Treasure Hill.

Arriving under skies that appeared to be clearing, all were quickly checked in appreciating the excellent rate of 1,150 B, GF, Caddie, and Cart. With the first group off the first tee and down the cart path, the caddies informed us that carts were not allowed on the fairways this day. After sending back word to those waiting on the tee that “Ball in Hand, fairways only” would be the rule of the day, the round seriously got under way. Carts were allowed in the rough so the sometimes extra long walks when carts are restricted to Cart Paths, was not so much of a problem. With the course in great condition following the recent rains, continuously clearing skies, and seemingly no one playing in front of our group, the round moved along at a good pace. The greens were quick and true and the mowers were out and about so the fairways and rough were all cut and in good condition. Of course “Ball in Hand” was a big help as long as you found the short grass.  So under nearly ideal conditions would the golfers prevail or would the course take its toll?

Sitting back in the clubhouse as the cards rolled in it became evident it was to be a day of contrasts for the two flights. With all getting back to BJHL in good time, some deciding to take the car home and return, we awaited the results. This however was delayed a bit as while we awaited those that opted to take the car home, the winds came up and the rain lashed down.  However, allowing time for a snack and/or a drink, nearly all returned so on to the presentation.

A-Flight (0-17):  The recently returned John Pierrel (c/h 16) took the top honors scoring an impressive 39 points. This follows his 45 points earlier in the week. The man has returned from Texas with the competitive juices boiling over. The second and third podium spots were taken by Mashi Kaneta (17), 36 pts, and Gerd Riedler (8), 35 points.  Good golf!

B-Flight (18+):  With the scores paling in comparison, the podium finishers were all thrilled with the decision of splitting the group into the two flights for the day. Winning was Barry Elphick (27) with 33 points, followed by Gordon Clegg, 30 points, and Mick Coghlan, 28 points.  Never give up, you may find treasure even when you least expect it.

Best Nines (non-winner):  Landis Brooks, John Davis


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