Tropical Golf 14/03

Tuesday the 14th March 2017: Treasure Hill ( Stableford) We do not seem to have a problem filling the start sheet at this Course. It is an acquired taste though, this is a tough Course, however it had it’s advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages are that it is very much a country Course and hit your ball off line and you are likely to lose a ball in the tree’s and  undergrowth, the Course is a long way away and at present the Course is very  dry with patches of brown all over the place. Advantages, it is so still and quiet that you can find peace on the Course and of course it has a great rate for a day out. This is a place to play for a ‘walk in The Park’ and it will not worry your back pocket, especially  even if you take a cart and it saves you the walk.  More time to think.


The traffic was light and we got there in plenty of time.   With a low rate for green fee/caddy fee and cart the tickets were ready and we were soon at the start.  The wind was quite mild on the day and did not show itself until we were well on our way, so we all made good way early on. The second hole , a par 3, can be a difficult hole and so it proved at 200+ yards with rough all around so to  miss hit the ball put you in big trouble.


The rest of the round was as difficult as we expected and we nearly all struggled. It was going to take a fine round to beat the Course. The greens on the day were very tricky and get in the rough and you had a bad lie or the ball was lost. Such is life. Soon finished as we were nearly all in carts, it was into a cold shower. Some things never change I suppose.


The Clubhouse is quite small and the Restaurant is cosy, so a quick bite to eat and back to BJ’s.


The Results were soon under way and it would take a fine round to beat the Course.


In the A Flight, 0 to 17, the winner was Tom Herrington with a fine 37 points ahead of a countback on 34 points that saw  Steve Truelove in second and Landis Brooks in third.

In the B Flight the winner was Barry Elphick with an excellent 41 points ahead of a countback on 33 points that saw Dave Cooper in second and Gordon Clegg in third.


Front best nine was John Anderson with 18 points and best back nine was Geoff Bracegirdle with 18 points.


Then it was time to have a ‘Cold one or two’ and tell the tale.  T.T.F.N.


Near pin   Max Tavendar   Bob Watson   Takeshi Hakozaki(2)

Long Put   Steve Truelove   Landis Brooks

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