Tropical Golf 14/02

Tuesday the 14th February 2017: ( Khao Kheow) This Course is on our schedule every month for one particular reason, it is a really great Course.  Sometimes it is better than at other times, but when you finish your round you know you have been taking on an opponent that will not give an inch and if you make a bad shot you will be punished.


There are three Nines and on this day we were to play, what I considered the best combination, the A & B Nines. So off we went to have a great day out. On arrival it was a quick book in and when we got to A1 we did not have to wait long until we were on the Tee.


Then it hit us, we were directly into a howling wind and as those who play K.K. Know the first four holes on the A Nine are in a direct line and on this day directly into that big wind. It was difficult to keep the head wear on and get the ball going sideways and it went . This was going to be a really tough day and the wind did not help as this is a tough Course on the best of days.


Ever noticed when you are into a gale force wind how when you turn and expect it is behind you, it seems to drop, well on this day it did not, it just blew. However there was always the hope that when we got to the B Nine it would drop. Surprisingly it did not it kept blowing, though I have to say that you can get used to anything.


It was crazy on the greens which on this day were fast. Putting downhill with the wind behind was impossible and many were the times the ball just took off with the wind behind. On one hole, A7 as I remember, putting from below  the hole two of our group gave in as they putted the ball up to the hole it just kept blowing back and off the green. It was difficult.


It was a pleasure getting back to the Clubhouse and into a warm shower. Then into transport and back to BJ’s.  It had been a long day, with a full 8 groups, the start to finish of all players at the Course meant we  soon got into the results as the players were quite tired.


On the day there were less low Handicap players, so in difficult conditions The A Flight was 0 to 22, which is unusual with us. However this gave Dave Cooper a chance to win it with 38 points and he took it. In second was Brian Parish with 35 points and in third was Bob Britton with 34 points. We then had a countback on 33 points that saw Richard Kubicki in fourth and John Davis just missing out.

In the B Flight we had the other two good scores of the day. The winner was Patrick Poussier with 39 points and in second was Derek Brook with 38 points. In third was Torsten Bischoff with 34 points ahead of Mick Coghlan in fourth with 32 points.


The best front Nine was Dick Warberg with 21 points and the best back nine was John Davis with 19 points.


It was then time for a few ‘Cold Ones’ and an early night.   T.T.F.N.


Near Pin    Joel Flor   Carole Kubicki   Richard Kubicki   Rita Zoebeli

Long Put    Mashi Kaneta  (2)


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