Tropical Golf 13/3

Tuesday the 13th March 2018:  Greenwood ( Stableford) The Golf Courses up this area are all fine Courses and a little discounted from the ones closer to Pattaya. One of the things you find on all these Courses, which also include Pattavia,  Treasure Hill and to an extent  Pattana are fine Golf Courses set in quiet countryside environment. Generally they seem to have a peaceful atmosphere and most of the golfers enjoy playing them for a nice relaxed day.


Now with the road from Route 7 Toll leading direct to the 331, and also the road  having been recently repaired, there is a smooth drive up there where all the four Courses can be reached in under the hour.  The cost to play at them is also reasonable on all of them at present and on some such as Treasure Hill excellent.


The test for this day was to be the A & C nines, and with the Course having few visitors it was off soon. This is a Course with grass on the fairways, I say this because many of the Courses have been dry of late and it is indeed a pleasure to hit the ball off the grass and not the hard ground under which certainly tends to cause hands to hurt.


There is usually a pay off and on this day a lush fairway and long grass in the rough also meant very slow greens. It was difficult to get the ball to the hole and was most unusual for this Course that usually has slick greens. However I will take slow greens anytime to hard fairways. However it did not rain despite at times the sky looked really black.


So into the shower and up to the restaurant, and then it poured down. So hard did it rain that we all seemed to wait downstairs not braving the run to the cars, then one bright spark went into the shop and borrowed an umbrella. Then passed it on and we were all soon tootling down the road in the pouring rain. And it rained most of the way back.


Back early, it was  soon into the results and in the A Flight, 0 to 23, the winner was Mashi Kaneta with 40 points ahead of John Davis with 37 points on countback over Andre Van Dyk in third.

In the B Flight, 24 up, the winner was Jim Ferris with a very impressive 47 points, one of the better scores of the year. In second was Barry Elphick with 38 points and in third was Derek Brook with 36 points.


We had the usual best front nine and the best back nine of the non winners. Best front nine was Brian Gabe with 23 points and in a three way countback the best back nine winner was Rob Brown from Nigel Perry and Buckers.


Then as is normal we sat and put the World to rights.   T.T.F.N.


pic   Mashi on left and Jim on right. Also assorted local ‘Golf Dignitaries’ in the background, a waitress.


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