Tropical Golf 13/12

The first thing we did as we prepared to leave BJ’s in the morning, was to get the maps out. I am not saying that most of the drivers did not know where the Course was but we had one or two drivers that were driving there for the first time.  And one told me he would not have found it if we had not discussed it before we left. Happy days.

It had been a long time since we played here, and this was a Course we used to play often, but you tend to slip into a habit of playing those Courses who had been good for you. On this day we went back a few years and gave the Course a go to see if it lived up to the reports we had. This also used to be the Course I went to to sample the cuisine as they had great food and a super Chef. How time passes.

Having found the Course we were soon booked in and on the first tee and were soon off. The day to start was very nice but as we went around the wind started to rise and become a factor.  During the years I actually played quite well, I always classed this as being the hardest Course to score well and get around without becoming frustrated. The four par fives are as difficult as on any Course and proved so again on this day.

I can remember the Course being in better condition, but it was not too bad. The fairways are well used and the rough as tough as normal, and some of the greens were not as good as they should be with repairs patching them up and sand in places on them, but over all it was worth the visit.

One amusing thing , that was not amusing at the time, was when I hit the ball into the rough over a bunker so the actual line was difficult to pick up. On going behind the bunker the back sloped steeply downhill and the ground was covered in leafs, so we drove up and my caddy parked the cart and we spent a long 5 minutes looking for the ball before I declared it lost and went back to the cart. Yes you are correct , as I approached the front of the cart there under the wheel was a white spot that proved to be my ball. Being the sweet,kind person I am I never said a word !!.

Generally the players enjoyed the round and were pleased to get into a warm shower. Non more than the scribe whose home shower had become cold and a cold shower started the day. Mind my shower is once again warm at home after the normal expense.

So back to BJ’s and the results.

In the A Flight, 0 to 18,  The Winner was Richard Kubicki with 37 points.Second was Tom Herrington with 36 points and third was Mashi Kaneta with 35 points. In the B Flight the Winner was Dave Cooper with 37 points and we then had a countback on 34 points that saw Derek Brook in second and Don Carmody in third. Then the best Front Nine winner was Brian Parish and the back Nine was Peter Bailey.

Then with the Kubicki’s and the Broons back for Xmas we had a few cold ones.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pin    Steve Truelove   Mashi   Dick Warberg   Thomas Haering

Long Put     John Edwards   Barry Elphick

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