Tropical Golf 13/05

Andre and Brian Lucky on Friday 13th

Greetings golfers.  This Friday the 13th sixteen dedicated golfers headed out to Greenwood to see who would be hexed and who would rise above superstition and conquer the golf course, or golf curse as the case may be.  Hoping to avoid some heat and traffic, we got an early start for the fairly long drive.

Greenwood is a bit of a drive, but some new shortcuts help.  However the big question is always was it worth it?  The answer is a resounding Yes.  First the prices now are probably the best in the area, and to give some help with the heat there is a discount price on carts!  Only a few traditional golfers elected to walk, making the round very inexpensive.  Second, the course is well named.  Greenwood is actually green, and for this time of year that is amazing.  Greenwood is a business who gets it right!  On this day we were assigned the A & B courses.  Scores at Greenwood are usually pretty good, and today was no exception.

It was a real fight to the finish, but when all was sorted Andre Van Dyk (hcp 16) finished first on countback with 40 points!  It pays to finish strong!  Tying Andre on points was Brian Parish (14), and who would have thought 20 on the back wouldn’t win?  Great playing!  Daryl Evans (23) and Mashi Kaneta (17) tied just one stroke back with 39 points.  Daryl had an amazing back 9 of 24 points to seal that deal.  Well played everyone!

Near pins:  Tom Herrington (2), Mike O’Brien, Andre Van Dyk



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