Tropical Golf 13/01

Friday, January 13, Plutaluang (Thai Navy) – St

Don & Tom Lucky at Thai Navy!

It was Friday the 13th and as the PSC Tropical Golfers gathered at BJ’s Lodge for caffeine and victuals, everyone wondered who would have the black cat cross their path, and who would arise above superstition make their own luck?  Good luck was needed this day as we were going to Sattahip to play the Navy course.  One tough course!  Nineteen golfers with rabbit feet, amulets, and lucky colors headed out.

The Thai Navy course is a study of contrasts.  The layouts are interesting and varied.  Whichever courses you are assigned, there are perils aplenty.  It should be pure pleasure, but once again there was a shortage of Caddies.  Getting the East and South assignment, tee off was delayed while Caddies were rounded up.  Last time many got young Cadets seemingly pulled right out of class.  This time it was maintenance or grounds staff in work boots straw hats.  Never mind, it’s good practice to read your own greens once in a while.  Off we went – finally!

A-Flight (0-21):  On a tough course, Tom Herrington (c/h 17) won the better flight with an impressive 38 points.  His good front nine barely carried him over a poor back.  Next came long hitting Steve Truelove (10) with 37 points, and then steady Brian Parrish (15) with 36.

B-Flight (22+):  Mr. “Up and Down” Don Carmody (31) found his peak on the more difficult course with the best score of the day 41 points!  Good concentration Don.  Next came Dave Cooper (25) with the next best score of the day at 39 points. Dave has been a scoring machine lately!  Dick Warberg (23) took the final call with 36 points.  Maybe Navy isn’t so tough.

Near Pins:  Steve Truelove, John Davis, Mashi, Brian Parish

Best Nines (non-winner):  Brad Robins (23), John Davis (18)


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