Tropical Golf 13/10

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Friday, October 19, 2018, Mountain Shadow – St

The Mountain Tops this Day!

The last group visit to Mt. Shadow was way back in March just as the high season was winding down and it was, as usual for this track, a tough outing with no one meeting their handicap. Why such a long time between visits one asks? Well, as said, it’s a tough track, and although the fairways and greens are average to above average and definitely playable, the unkempt condition of the area in general is definitely a drawback, what with such a large number of courses  in the area to choose from.

With the extremely high and dense growth at the entrance, between fairways and along the property boundaries it almost seems as if the course was just recently carved out of a dense jungle. Shots hit into these areas were lost balls no question. No need to even bother trying to look. Therefore the challenge of the day and the round was to keep it generally straight and in the short grass. The course was not crowded and the pace of play, considering some extra time looking along the dense undergrowth was good. The only other comment was with regard to caddies. It is that time of the year when the courses are filling out their caddy ranks after the low season and ramping up for the high season, an excellent chance of being assigned a new caddy.

With a relatively small group this day how would the players deal with the challenges the course had to offer? Leading the way was Dick Warberg (c/h 23) with a 30 point effort followed by John Davis (11) and Bob Britton (13) both with hard earned 27 points. With those results the answer has to be “Not Well” and we must say Mt. Shadow definitely won the day.

Tropical Golf plays from “The BJ Holiday Lodge” located just off Beach Rd. on Soi 3, generally on Tuesdays and Fridays. All are welcome to stop by to check out our info board for schedules and sign-up sheets.

Warberg Sneaks in with a Win


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