Tropical Golf 12/9

Tuesday the 12th September 2017: Green Valley ( Stableford) Of the three Courses in this Complex, this has been for many years the one that is most liked by the players I know. It has bad many changes since the early days, such as a change of Clubhouses and constant changes of start holes and redesign of many of the holes.


On this day the new circuit was under view and we were playing it for the first time. It had several of the holes redesigned and the first thing we noticed was that the tee off hole had been changed from a par 4 to a par 5 and seemingly had a shorter distance over the water. This of course meant that somewhere a par 5 had reverted to a par 4 and this we found on the 10th as the par 5, that once was a stroke index 18 , reverted to a par 4 where it used to be, a most difficult hole.


Many of the holes seem to have been ‘Cleaned Up’ and a new order of play on the holes has been instigated, all in all quite intriguing, but it seems something that is done to shake the Course up every few years. Those of us who have played the Course  for many years still remember clopping down the road from the Old Clubhouse and driving down what is now the second hole with lemon grass, and snakes I suppose, on both sides. Now finding your ball there was exciting.


So off I went to pick up my buggy when I heard those words that send a shiver down your back. ‘I new caddy this my first day’. It must be something to do with being the ‘Organizer’ or maybe using a cart, but ‘Why Me’ is my usual thought after all I paid the same as the rest. There is nothing wrong with people wanting to be caddies but it seems to me that most Courses go about it the wrong way. They just seem to throw the poor girl, usually, in headfirst with no real learning curve. I have talked to Caddy Masters many times and usually get more sense talking to the wall. I really feel sorry for the poor girls but we as golfers do our best to be helpful and understand their stress.  Sometimes you can tell that this caddy will be really good in time and sometimes wonder if there is anything below Poor when you fill out the slip to put in the box.


So off we went and straight away onto the new par 5. Well it was a par 5 somehow after all it used to be a really difficult par 4. But as we progressed we noted the heat was oppressive, the fairways were average and the greens still need a lot of work. The new ‘Route’ around seemed to work but will take time to get used to, and I usually found my ball in the end after checking it was mine, often helped by the other players.


All in all a different day on a Course that maybe needs time.


Back at BJ’s it was into the results early and the scores were good with all agreeing that the Course needed time. Winner with a great 40 points was Dick Warberg , a great round in the circumstances.  A countback for second on 38 points saw John Davis sadly beat Mick Coghlan on countback. Sadly so Mick said, although John seemed quite happy. John Pierrel was fourth with 37 points and we then had a countback as 3 players had 36 points, this was won by Mashi over Brian Parish and Barry Elphick and was only fair as Mashi did the countback.Mind I did check.


The halfway  best score, non winners, was Graham Buckingham with 20 points and the last nine best score was Nigel Perry with 20 points. Proving that half a cake is better than none.  T.T.F.N.


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